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We believe that when planning your future, whether it is about where you will live, work, who will make your decisions or what will happen when you are no longer here, the future must be built on disability rights. Using our expert knowledge of disability rights in Australia, we have designed a holistic legal service for people with disabilities and their families to build their future on disability rights. 

Matching life stages with the corresponding disability rights, we provide legal advice and representation at every stage. We have expertly identified the key areas where people with disabilities and their families may need to take legal steps to protect and promote their disability rights. Importantly, these are life stages where people with disabilities and their families may not be aware of all their rights or what legal avenues are available to ensure that they have equal opportunity and keep safe for years to come. 

Whether you are planning your own future, or have a loved one with a disability whom you need to include in your future planning, contact us today to build a future on disability rights, thinking about any of the following areas:

Do arrangements need to be in place for legal decision-making?

Let's get your Will and Estate Planning documents in place to reflect everything you have told us.

Are you accessing education (including tertiary education) like everyone else?


Where do you want to live?

Are you accessing work and being treated equally?

Do you need support to get out and about or participate socially?

A note on Wills and Estates 

Building Futures on Disability Rights include our wills and estates service.

When planning for what happens to what you have and whom you love when you are gone can require a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney and an Advance Care Directive. If you have not heard of those documents, here is a little bit about what they are:
Will - a legal document that records what will happen to what you have (your estate) and who you want to look after your affairs when you pass away. 
Enduring Power of Attorney - legally assigns someone you trust to look after your legal and financial affairs when you cannot. 
Advance Care Directive - legal assigns someone you trust to make decisions about your medical care, where you live and what you do every day if you cannot make those decisions for yourself. 
If you would like us to help you with these documents, book an appointment with one of our team to discuss further.
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