Legal Costs

Equality Lawyers is a private legal service for people with disabilities, their families and supporters.


We want people with disabilities and their families to choose the lawyer that is best for them but we recognise the disproportionate barriers they face to access work and to have their economic rights upheld. For that reason, we offer different pricing options to meet your needs. 

If you would prefer to access free legal advice or representation, contact the Legal Services Commission on 1300 366 424. 


Start with a free first appointment

We offer Fixed Fee pricing so that you know how much the work will cost at the start. 

We will outline each step of your case and allocate an individual price to each step so you are only charged for what we do. 

Our Fixed Fees are not set rates and are tailored to your specific needs and case. 

We will talk to you about fees in your first appointment.

*Prices are current as at 1 July 2020. Equality Lawyers reserves the right to change prices at any time. Fixed fee pricing may not be available for complex matters. Equality Lawyers has absolute discretion to charge the fixed fee or standard rate based on the case presented.


Our services are accessible both in our premises and in our approach. 

Our office has standard features such as wheelchair access, accessible toilet and offers a quiet environment. We meet with people in person, via phone or Zoom because we recognise that not everyone can come into town or has an internet connection.

We know that we do not have it all because disability is unique to individuals. So when you book, we ask if there are specific adjustments we can make facilitate your access to the service. 


Equality Lawyers was founded by a person with disability, for people with disability. Our lived experience of disability means we intuitively "get it". 

Our understanding of disability is not theoretical, it is practical. We have experienced how embarrassing and enraging it can be to arrive at a professional appointment but not be able to get in, how exhausting it can be to tell your story over and over and the frustration when people don't understand your everyday experiences like the NDIS, support workers or being treated subtly different to everyone else. 

This understanding is unique to Equality Lawyers and shows through our approach.