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Disability Rights in Real Life

A disability rights law handbook for people with disabilities, their families and supporters

In 2021, Equality Lawyers and Picture Human Rights joined forces to create Disability Rights in Real Life, a law handbook for people with disabilities, their families and supporters.

Disability Rights in Real Life aims to provide the disability community with information on their rights and to know when they might need a disability rights lawyer. It is no substitute for legal advice, but it is a great place to start to have good conversations with your lawyer about disability rights.

Starting with the Social Model of Disability, and ending with what happens when you die, the Handbook takes the reader through each area of life where a person with a disability has human rights which are protected through Australian law.


You can access the electronic copy for free by clicking the image. Hard copies are no longer available. 

Please note, if you wish to share it (and we hope you do!), under the copyright you will need to share a link to our websites rather than sending a copy of the PDF.

To access a Word version of the Handbook for accessibility reasons, please email

We hope this helps you to protect and promote your disability rights, every day. 

In solidarity,

Natalie Wade and Anna Bulman

Click image to view handbook

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