For access to justice for people with disability to include the provision of private legal services that are inclusive and understanding of disability.




Every day, we exist to ensure that people with disability have equality before the law and can access justice.


‘Ensuring equality’ happens in two ways: we provide a service where people are treated equally and we take on cases where our clients have not had a fair go because of their disability.



We believe that actively promoting what disability rights are and how they can be upheld is critical to people with disability being equal.



Equality Lawyers is taking responsibility for providing leadership in the legal profession and community to improve the delivery of legal services to people with disability, their families and supporters. We lead by example and take time to share with other law firms how they could also incorporate inclusive practices into their legal services.


Natalie Wade is the Founder and Principal Lawyer of Equality Lawyers. Natalie spends most of her day providing premium legal services to people with disabilities, their families and supporters. This includes writing legal advice to them, advocating for them and representing them in court. As a recognized disability advocate and award-winning lawyer, Natalie’s purpose is to advance the rights of people with disabilities in Australia. This has seen Natalie be a leader on law reform for the participation of people with communication disabilities in courts and ending violence against women and girls. When Natalie is not providing legal services, she is often drinking coffee, crocheting and hanging out with her poodles.

Natalie’s disability gives her a personal insight into the issues faced by clients at Equality Lawyers. Establishing Equality Lawyers has combined Natalie’s professional experience as a human rights and civil lawyer with her knowledge of the issues facing people with disabilities and their families in Australia. Offering passionate, flexible and accessible legal services is the core of Natalie’s approach.

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