Based in Adelaide, Equality Lawyers provides everyday legal services to people with disabilities, their families and supporters. We don’t just stand up for your rights, we understand them!

Our team live with disability and know how important it is to go to a lawyer who understands your world. We also know how important it is to have a lawyer that can solve problems quickly and effortlessly.

Our focus is on the legal issues which come up in everyday life. If you are denied equal access or can’t get necessary supports, we are here for you!

With Equality Lawyers, it is about your way to access justice. Contact us today to get started...

The law firm for people with disabilities, their families and supporters

I need a disability rights lawyer. What should I do?

We offer three different ways to get started with us. They are designed to meet people wherever they are in their disability rights journey. You can select the option which best suits you:
First Appointment
  • Free Appointment

  • 30 minute consultation

  • Via Zoom or Phone

  • With a lawyer

  • No review of documents

  • No legal advice given in the appointment

  • Information on legal avenues, processes and legal services provided.

  • For people thinking: do I need a lawyer, and if I do, who that lawyer could be?

First Appointment

One hour 

Natalie in an appointment
  • $220 (inc. GST) fee

  • 1 hour

  • Via phone, Zoom or in person

  • With a lawyer

  • Review of documents before the Appointment

  • Legal advice given in the Appointment

  • For people thinking: I need some advice on where I am at or the process, but with that advice, I might be ok 

Pro bono lawyer enquiry

  • Enquiry only

  • We have limited capacity to take on pro bono legal work because we are a small business

  • We can't promise we will get back to you but will do so if we can help

  • For people thinking: I cannot afford a lawyer but think a disability rights lawyer would want to consider my case

I am not sure which of these apply to me...


We have taken the traditional wills and estate services and added a disability rights focus. 

We can provide people with disability or their families with important legal help to build a safe, disability-rights focussed future. 

All businesses need legal help from time to time. We offer bespoke legal advice on business structures, industrial and employment matters and client engagement. 

If you are facing unique challenges because you are a disability-led business or perhaps you run a purpose-driven business that wants to serve the disability community, we are a great choice for your legal needs.

People with disabilities and their families face regular issues that need legal help, including:

  • Discrimination

  • Guardianship and Administration

  • NDIS Reviews and Appeals

  • Centrelink Reviews and Appeals

Our leading disability rights lawyers can assist you with these everyday legal issues.


Natalie Wade


Founder and Principal Lawyer

"People with disability have the right to be equal, everyday. Equality Lawyers exist to uphold that right."