Launching in Adelaide, Equality Lawyers provides everyday legal services to people with disabilities, their families and supporters. We don’t just stand up for your rights, we understand them!

Our team live with disability and know how important it is to go to a lawyer who understands your world. We also know how important it is to have a lawyer that can solve problems quickly and effortlessly.

Our focus is on the legal issues which come up in everyday life. If you don’t get equal access like everyone else or can’t get necessary supports, we are here for you!

With Equality Lawyers, it is about your way to access justice. Contact us today to get started...


EQL Disability Discrimination Day

THURSDAYS, 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM.

Say Kitchen, 78 Currie Street, Adelaide

Treating people with disability differently is against the law. Discrimination laws are there to protect you in a variety of settings, including if you have been denied the opportunity to work, go to school, access services or public places.

A person who does not have ‘mental capacity’ may be subject to guardianship and administration orders. These orders cover accommodation, lifestyle, medical or financial decisions. We can help you to understand and be supported through this process.

It is important that your NDIS Plans includes all reasonable and necessary supports you need. If your Plan does not cover what you need, there are legal avenues that can help. We know this is a time sensitive process because not having the right services can have serious consequences.

Civil law is found in our every day lives from having a dispute with your landlord to having an issue with your mobile phone contract. It is important that you get a fair go and can access the ordinary legal pathways to resolve these disputes.

Natalie Wade


Founder and Principal Lawyer

Specialising in human rights and civil law

"People with disability have the right to be equal, everyday. Equality Lawyers exist to uphold that right."



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