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Talking law in pictures - Picture Human Rights

Providing information in pictures can really help, especially when that information is complex or boring. Some people find information presented in pictures to be easier to understand and digest. In the disability community, this can be especially important. The same information presented only in words might leave a person excluded from key information. The law is a complex, boring topic. It also needs to be understood by everyone. No matter who you are, there will be a law(s) you need to have your head around so your life doesn’t get complicated. But the law and illustration are not often matched... until now.

A new business has launched in Australia aptly called Picture Human Rights. The creators of this incredible initiative, Anna Bulman and Ria Singh Sawhney are putting the boring, complex issues into amazing picture content. But it’s not word art inspired, 1997 quality. It’s funky and bold.

Their first series Tax, You Sexy Beast is all about understanding the role of tax in realising rights and how it can make people more wealthy or poorer. This is a complicated area of law but having read the series, it suddenly all feels so obvious. That feeling should be what everyone has when they have a new legal concept explained to them!

The whole project is incredibly exciting for what could be for better-communicating disability rights.

Head on over to Picture Human Rights to learn about tax. And, report back to me if you think there should be a disability rights project like this...

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Alexis Olsen
Alexis Olsen
Aug 16, 2021

Hi great reading your bblog

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