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Census Night for the disability community

Census night is on 10 August 2021, around Australia. Census is about the government gathering data to help plan for Australia’s future. It is compulsory that your household complete one.

As an aside, Census data is actually really helpful for disability advocates when calling for change in public policy and society because it provides instant evidence of the challenges we are saying needs to be changed. Another blog on that, another time!

We wanted to provide helpful information for people with disabilities and their families to be able to complete their Census in one place. So prepare yourself for many links, and read on!

General information

There are options for you to complete your census form online or in hard copy in the mail.

If you or your loved one do not have access to the internet you can request a paper copy by calling 1800 130 250. You can do so and have some time to complete it. Just make sure you know what you were up to on 10 August 2021.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, the government agency responsible for rolling out the Census, understands that it may take time for the Census forms to be returned via Post so you will not be fined for not submitted with the ABS on 10 August 2021.

You can read more about the Census here:

You can read about accessibility here:

Including getting advice and help on your specific situation:

Some specifics

Here are some scenarios that we identified for the disability community and found the information that may help:

Please be aware that this post has been written for general information only and is not endorsed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. For any specific information on your situation, we recommend you contact ABS to get the info you need.


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