Giveaway Terms and Conditions


To be eligible to enter you need to be over the age of 18 and a resident of Australia. No employee or family member of employee is permitted to enter but friends are permitted. Only new subscribers to the blog will be eligible for the prize, previous subscriptions will not be counted.


The Giveaway will only be open for a short period of time. It will be open on at 5pm on the 2nd of December and close at midnight on the 9rd of December. The winner will be announced by COB Thursday the 10th of December.

The winner will be picked by Random Draws, a government approved random draw website:

The three winners selected will each receive a price pack which they will not have a choice over which one they receive. Each gift has a different book and slightly different insect illustrations. The winner will be contacted by Equality Lawyers via email and will need to provide a postal address for delivery. If there winner lives within 10km from the EQL Office (78 Currie Street, Adelaide SA 5000) the gift will be delivered by a member of the EQL team to their chosen address on a Wednesday or Thursday between business hours. These arrangements will be made with the winner beforehand delivery.


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Our website does not collect any personal information except the information provided by you on our Contact Us page, and any information provided by you when booking a First Appointment or subscribing to our Blog.


We do not store your personal information on our website. Any personal information that you provide via the website is stored on our secure computer network and is used only for the purposes for which it was provided.

Third parties

Equality Lawyers may disclose personal and confidential information to employees and agents of Equality Lawyers, corporations, entities or individuals who assist in the provision of our services (including, but not limited to Counsel, Courts, Tribunals, IT providers, Cloud servers, security providers, data storage providers, debt collectors and business analysts)

There may be times when an order of a court compels Equality Lawyers to release personal or confidential information.



Any complaints regarding this policy should be made in writing to the Founder and Principal Lawyer at PO Box 44, Hilton Plaza, South Australia 5033. In the event that we are unable to assist with the complaint, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Consumer at the following website:


We reserve the right to vary the contents of this policy from time to time.